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The journey to Rediscovering Hawai’i’s Soul will take everyone’s kōkua.
Mahalo to our committed and caring partners who are working together to benefit Hawai’i and its future.

RHS Scenario Team

*Rediscovering Hawai‘i’s Soul Core Committee

Hawai‘i Executive Collaborative

HEC is a nonprofit organization that serves two main roles – as a convener to create spaces for building trusted relationships and to provide backbone support to advance cross-sector collaborative work that is generated by HEC’s members and the Rediscovering Hawai‘i’s Soul network. The focus of this collaborative work is to help align and accelerate existing efforts and to identify and fill gaps to address some of Hawai‘i’s toughest challenges.

The Rediscovering Hawai‘i’s Soul initiative is also foundational to HEC’s 3 focus areas: climate repair, adaptation, and sustainability; housing for all, and learning communities. Learn More Here

Reos Partners

Reos Partners is a social impact organization focused on bringing transformational change to complex global challenges. They design and facilitate processes that enable groups of diverse stakeholders – be it an organization, a sector, or a society – to work together to make sustained progress and systemic breakthroughs. Learn More Here