Hawaiʻi’s Soul: “You know it when you feel it.”

The essence of these islands—and what makes this archipelago unique—can be described as Hawaiʻi’s Soul. It’s a way of existing in a reciprocal relationship with all living things: the ’āina, the ocean, the sky, the kānaka who originated from the islands, and immigrants and people who call Hawaiʻi home.

Hawaiʻi’s Soul is tangible, pervasive, and indispensable to our island existence. It is living with island consciousness – the understanding that the health of culture, community, and individuals are inseparable from the health of earth’s life cycle. It is our kuleana to use that awareness to care for Hawaiʻi and for each other with tenderness, so that people and place thrive together as one.

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Circle of Life for Us is the essence of Hawai‘i’s Soul. We will always have life here if we understand the big movement of reciprocity or aloha.”

– Aunty Pua